Ohio City Pasta

Stall: F1, F-2

Accepted Payments:  Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Discover

Contact: 216.241.5444

Gary Thomas founded Ohio City Pasta with the dream of bringing fresh pasta to local restaurants that were lacking in the necessary capacity and equipment to produce it in-house. Over 20 years later, Gary has more than fulfilled this vision as Ohio City Pasta distributes fresh pasta in five states and serves as an example of how an artisan business can grow in size without sacrificing the quality of their product.

The finest flours and the freshest spices and flavors that the world offers provides a further distinction to Ohio City Pasta, which adds no artificial ingredients or flavor enhancements to its product. Ohio City Pasta offers fresh pasta, 20 flavors of ravioli, flavored butters and pestos, lasagna and manicotti. Gnocchi and tortelloni are also available for purchase as well as lobster and red pepper alfredo sauces.

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Photos courtesy of Ohio City Inc.