Cleveland Public Market Corporation (CPMC) is a non-profit focused exclusively on Cleveland’s iconic public market.

Under the direction of a committed Board of Directors, the nonprofit Cleveland Public Market Corporation (“CPMC”) is seeking to make West Side Market the nation’s premier public market by meeting the evolving needs of merchants, customers, and the community. CPMC’s mission is to preserve the city’s public market tradition while making the local food system more accessible, equitable, and diverse.

CPMC’s core values are:

Diversity: Welcome and serve businesses, residents, and visitors with diverse lived experiences and perspectives.

Opportunity: Create the conditions for thriving, independent, and diverse local businesses that offer good jobs in the community.

Authenticity: Preserve the unique historic characteristics that make West Side Market a cherished institution.

Food access and education: Improve the community’s access to and knowledge about high-quality, interesting, creative, affordable, and healthy food.

Sustainability: Center environmental impact in decision-making.

Community engagement: Promote diverse and representative leadership that values input by stakeholders.

Community building: Create spaces and programs that build community connections.

Fiscal responsibility: Make sound financial decisions to achieve self-sufficient operations.

Professionalism: Operate to the highest standards of integrity, creativity, and competence.


West Side Market brings joy as an authentically Cleveland place to shop from local food entrepreneurs.

• Diverse, thriving independent businesses share their knowledge and passion for fresh, specialty, and prepared foods and local farm products with a continually growing base of customers

• Functional needs of merchants and consumers are met with well-preserved and maintained facilities, updated for sustainability

• The Market is a vibrant, welcoming place for regional residents and must-go destination for visitors

• The Market plays a central role in the regional food system, expanding equitable access to fresh food, supporting local growers, improving community wellness, and offering opportunities to discover, celebrate, and contribute to Cleveland’s culinary culture