Narrin Asian Spice & Sauce

Stall: D-10, 11

Accepted Payments:  Cash, Check, Visa, Mastercard, Ohio Direction Card

Contact: 216.861.0626

Owner, Narrin Carlberg, says the Market reminds her of her home country of Cambodia, which inspired her to start a business at the Market in 1997. Selling everything from a large selection of spices, to vinegar and oils, to a large selection of sauces of all types and even coconut, this stand probably has what you are looking to purchase. The right mix of eclectic specialty foods, a deep love for the market and family tradition has made Narrin’s Spices and Sauce a favorite at the Market.

More specific items sold at Narrin’s include dried seaweed, mushroom, preserved radish, canned Asian fruits, rice, beans, lettuce, chia seeds and noodles.

Photos courtesy of Ohio City Inc.