Mediterra Bakehouse

Stall: B-8, B-9

Accepted Payments:  Cash

Contact: 216.344.1038

Mediterra Bakehouse is founded on the principles of the artisan baker. Millennial-Trust knowledge combined with the finest ingredients, time intensive processes and a passion to produce the finest bread. Mediterra Bakehouse believes that there is no substitute for real crust which is why every loaf of their bread is baked on a stone hearth in their steam injected ovens in order to produce the best crust possible. For the most part, flour, water and salt are all that they use when creating their breads. Because few ingredients are used to create bread, Mediterra Bakehouse makes sure they have the finest ingredients available. Their flours are unbleached, unbromated and most are organic. Their water is filtered and they only use sea salt. Unlike other bakeries that use heaping amounts of yeast to artificially speed up the process, they adhere to century old baking techniques and let their bread develop slowly to get complex flavor.

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Photos courtesy of Ohio City Inc.