Campbell’s Popcorn Shop

Stall: C-13

Accepted Payments:  Cash, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover

Contact: 216.574.2899

Campbell’s Popcorn Shop at the West Side Market is the birthplace of Campbell’s Sweets Factory- a Cleveland-based, family operated  popcorn, candy and cupcake shop. After having operated and owned the KarmelKorn Shops for 25 years with his father, Amos, Jeff Campbell brought his expertise to the West Side Market in 2004 with Campbell’s Popcorn Shop. Since then, Campbell’s has expanded its award-winning popcorn into local grocery stores, supermarkets and even the Cleveland Hopkins Airport Hudson Stores. Cleveland Magazine gave Campbell’s its “Best of Cleveland” award in 2007 for their signature Dichotomy Corn, which is cheese-coated caramelcorn. Stop by one of their locations today- especially stand C-13 at the West Side Market where it all began!

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Photos courtesy of Ohio City Inc.